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Ceiling on re-sale

I’m often asked how much can re-sales increase in our area where empty lots are plentiful. Well, no precise answer to that. But it would be nice to know new-construction prices assuming that you would rather have a brand new home than an old home in need of renovation. One way to look at this is to compare sq.ft. prices and here is a look at just that at the end of 2017;

New construction Charlotte County – Single Family Homes – No pool – Average sq.ft. price;

  • Min: $101.22
  • Avg: $150.17
  • Max: $939.03

Most new homes come with limited landscaping and that can add a substantial amount to the sq.ft. price compared to re-sale homes that often have more mature landscaping. As the max price illustrate it also depend on location and building quality and features.

A bare bone older home without pool in an area with available lots should really not come up above somewhere between the minimum and medium new price. But then again you’d be surprised to see how many older homes are selling both below and above. In the end it’s very much depending on how you present your home when selling.

As Realtors we know how important the presentation is to get best possible price and it is part of what we handle when you decide to sell with a professional.



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