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Different ways to buy a home!

The DIY way

Do it your self

Anybody can buy a home, repair their own car or do surgery on their pets. Today, all you need is a short YouTube Video and voila you're the expert in almost anything.

But here is the truth! Only with experience and hard work will you ever become an expert in anything and if you are not there yet, then Good Luck. You are in for many potential and in some cases costly surprises doing expert stuff on your own. Maybe you know Malcolm Gladwell? He is the author of the book "Outliers". That book sums it up pretty well. 

With that said, then today's trend is that you go on Zillow, find a house and go buy it. Right? But there is another truth not too many think about. Realtors are the ones that supply the bulk of all the data you can find on Zillow. Only thing is that it can takes days or weeks to hit Zillow and when it's there, it's the limited version. The good stuff stays in the MLS system and only Realtors have access. The good deals are often sold before Zillow see the dust.

So you can go fetch limited data on Zillow and do it your self (DIY). This is what Realtors know as "Zildiy" buyers (pronounced SilDai). Absolutely doable and many Realtors have great respect for those taking up the challenge. Likewise most Realtors would be equally impressed with a school teacher or bank manager doing surgery on their dog. Lots of rules, lots of risk, lots of work and results often so so.

Concierge Real Estate Service is here to stay!

Admit it, you like to be pampered. As an up and coming home buyer you can chose to take the easy road. It's like flying where you have an experienced Captain and First Pilot in the Cockpit. It's low risk and it gives you time to enjoy your coffee while advancing safely toward your destination.

And here is how easy it is! All you need to do is to ask for representation. It does not cost you a single dime. Your Realtor commission is already negotiated and will be paid by any seller. That's how the MLS system work. You just sit back, relax and enjoy as you are getting the most up to date information the market have. Your Realtor can hit your needs on the head and show you properties that in some case have not even hit the MLS yet (pocket listings). You will be the first to see the best deals - so to speak.´╗┐

So what are you waiting for? Take our 3 minute questionnaire and you will start seeing properties that fit your requirements close to 100%.

ZilDiy buyers often visit 50 to 100 properties and in the end still miss the mark. Concierge Clients often see 5-8 properties and get the very best deal in the shortest amount of time.

We look forward to start working for you. Click the button below to start on your First Class home buying venture!


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